General queries

What is an Celebgaze wallet?

It is a virtual wallet where you keep your Celebgaze Coins to buy content and legitimately draw in with there famous people and influencers on their applications.

How do I recharge my Celebgaze wallet?

You can energize your Celebgaze wallet through in-application buy or you could utilize this connection recharge@Celebgaze.in (suggested) to purchase legitimately from the web.

How do I contact the Celebgaze team?

You can get in touch with us from the assistance and bolster segment in the application or send us a mail at info@celebgaze.in

Signup and Account related

What are the benefits of logging in? Here are the benefits of logging in:

- Get directly access to some of the hottest and exclusive Images & videos,
- Watch celebrities/influencers go LIVE and interact with them on a personal level.
- Register & check out our unique features.
- Register right now and get a signing-up bonus.

My Login is not working. What should I do? Please contact us with a description of the problem you are facing at info@celebgaze.in How to deactivate my account? You can deactivate your account by going into the settings section in the app.

Coins and content related

What is the price of 1 coin? 1 Coin is approx Rs 1.

Are these PHOENIXULTRA coins refundable?

No, PHOENIXULTRA coins are not refundable. The validity of PHOENIXULTRA coins are 45 Days.

How can I get free coins?

You will get free coins when you sign up for the first time, when you refer the app to a friend.

Can I download images/videos within the app?

No, you cannot download images/videos in the app.

Payment related

Coins are not credited to my account. What should I do?

Please contact us and state the nature of your problem at info@celebgaze.in

Do you accept International credit cards?

Yes, we accept international credit cards. Please use this link to recharge recharge.celebgaze.in

How does it work ?


Choose a celebrity - write your msg - pay

Why is it pay per message under Celeb-G ?

Is there a guarantee that i will get a reply from a celebrity ?

NO. But once the celebrity accepts the request you will get a notification.

Can I send photos/ videos to celebrities directly using Celeb-G?


Video call with Celebrity

How does it work ?

Open Celebrity app and pay to block a video call with celebrity.

Is there a guarantee that i will get a reply from a celebrity ?

Yes, our team will ensure that you will get a video call with your celebrity. If we are unable to do so that we would refund the entire amount.

Can I ask any personal questions with celebrities ?

This is totally up to the celebrity to answer. We would recommend not to get too personal with the celebrity and respect their personal space.